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Surfer Girl Chic, Your Go-To Look This Summer

Surfer Girl Chic, Your Go-To Look This Summer

Surfer Girl Chic, Your Go-To Look This Summer

There is nothing more chic than beach waves and the effortless look that surfer girls pull off. That laid-back cool girl vibe is something that is worth envying. If you are wondering how you can pull this off, we have a few tips that can help! Here is how you can be just as chic as the true surfer girls.


1! Bring in Color

One of the first things you will likely notice about surfer girls is how they consistently bring pops of color and plenty of patterns to their outfits. Whether that is through a swimsuit or a fun graphic tee, they are the epitome of perfectly place color. If you typically do not like a lot of color in your wardrobe, then consider utilizing neutrals, but with a pattern. This will still give you the surfer girl look, but in a way that makes you feel comfortable.


2) Consider a Hat

It is quite common to see surfer girls wearing hats. They might be in a chic bucket hat or a comfortable baseball cap, but incorporating a playful hat into your wardrobe will help you capture the surfer girl look with ease.


3) Retro Graphics

Retro style tees and sweatshirts are commonly seen in surfer girls. It doesn’t matter which style suits your fancy, but think about if you would see a girl wearing that with pukka beads and you will have your answer on whether it fits the surfer girl vibe.


4) Crochet Texture

When you are trying to achieve the surfer girl look, but in a dressy way, consider incorporating crochet texture to your wardrobe. It gives the surfer girl beachy feel, but in a more elevated way. Maybe think about a crochet swimsuit cover up or a crochet dress over a bodysuit.


These tips will have you feeling surfer girl chic and ready to take on the summer in style!

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