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What to Pack in Your Beach Bag!

What to Pack in Your Beach Bag!

What to Pack in Your Beach Bag!

Sure, packing sunscreen and sunglasses in your beach bag is a given, but we’ve got a few more essentials that will make your day in the sun so much better.

·       Baby wipes. Perfect for getting sand off your hands before applying sunscreen or wiping smudges off your sunglasses – baby wipes are one of those versatile essentials you’ll definitely want to pack.

·       Silicone zip containers. The last thing you want is your body oil to spill inside your beach bag. To keep liquids from getting on your towels and books, pick up an assortment of reusable zip-top bags to store snacks, sunscreens, or electronics in to keep them clean and sand-free.

·       Multiple towels. Between water and sand, your towel is bound to get a little messy. Make sure you have a fresh clean towel when you’re ready to head home – pack one or two in your beach bag!

·       Portable blanket. Before putting your towel down on the sand, cover the space with a waterproof blanket. Beach-friendly options roll up and secure to a handle, making it even easier to pack in your bag (and they help keep towels cleaner).

Bluetooth speakers. There’s nothing more chill than lounging at the beach or pool with some music. Look for a waterproof, Bluetooth speaker to connect to your phone so you can stream your favorite podcast or playlist!

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