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How to Style a Maxi Dress Just in Time for Summer

How to Style a Maxi Dress Just in Time for Summer

How to Style a Maxi Dress Just in Time for Summer

Summer is approaching quickly, and you might be thinking about all of the fun memories you will make hanging out by the pool, going to baseball games, and enjoying backyard barbeques. However, we know it can be tough to put together stylish outfits when you want to be cool and comfortable. Maxi dresses are the perfect solution! Not only are they lightweight and flowy, but you can wear them in several different ways depending on the occasion and your personal style.

1) Casual With a T-Shirt

If you have plans to go to a backyard barbeque or grab lunch with a friend, you can take your favorite tee and throw it on over your maxi. This gives a cool girl vibe, while keeping your outfit comfortable. To complete the look in a chic way, you can tie the bottom portion of the t-shirt.

2) Throw a Blazer On

For an evening out, you might think about wearing your maxi dress with a blazer. This is the ideal way to dress up your outfit a touch more. A silk maxi dress is perfect for wearing to date night or grabbing drinks with your best friend. If you want to dress the look up, put on your favorite pair of heels and some beautiful statement earrings! 

3) Sneakers and a Belt

Maybe you plan to run errands for the afternoon or take the kids to their summer activities. Either way, a maxi dress is perfect for the occasion. A black or white linen maxi dress screams summer and you can put on a tan or brown leather belt with your favorite pair of white sneakers to be ready to take on the day!


These ideas on ways to wear maxi dresses will help to inspire you and get you ready for the warmer weather in style!

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