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The Best Nail Colors for this Winter!

The Best Nail Colors for this Winter!

The Best Nail Colors for this Winter!

Just like clothing trends change when the season changes, so do nail polish trends! When it is spring, you likely feel like wearing bright, light colors, but when fall and winter hit, you might be more inclined to go dark. Today, we are going to talk about the best nail polish colors for this winter!


1. Deep Reds

Any shade of deep red is always a must when it comes to winter nail polish colors. It is one of the top colors in high fashion amongst models and influencers. There are a wide range of deep reds available so feel free to find one that suits your skin tone the best and get ready to have everyone asking what color you are wearing!


2. Black

Yep, you heard us right. Black is a top nail polish color for winter this year and the color has been spotted on celebrities everywhere. It gives a very clean look with a little edge. Black nail polish looks good on almost anyone and looks best when you use a glossy top coat.


3. Midnight Blue

If black feels too stark for you, then you might consider a beautiful midnight blue for winter. This color always reflects the cold weather and is the ideal choice for winter. For a look that doesn’t appear too cold, you might want to find a blue that has warmer undertones.


4. Chocolate Brown

For those of you that like to stick to neutrals, then chocolate brown might become your winter nail color of choice. It will allow you to stick to a neutral color palette, while also bringing in the coziness of the season. If you want to have even more fun with the color, you can find a brown with a metallic shimmer to really bring in the holiday season.


5. Deep Greens

Just like with the midnight blues, you can also go with a deep green for winter. You don’t want to steer towards the jewel tones, but stick to mossy evergreen tones. These will look great on anyone and can make you feel extra festive this time of year!


With these colors in mind, you are sure to be prepared the next time you go in for a manicure! We know that any of these colors will look great and leave you feeling very on trend for winter.

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