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How to Plan the Perfect Fall Picnic

How to Plan the Perfect Fall Picnic

How to Plan the Perfect Fall Picnic

It can be easy to think that summer is the best time to have a picnic, but the cooler weather and cozy atmosphere can allow you to create a beautiful fall picnic that will be enjoyable for all. Here are some of our best tips to plan the perfect picnic that you and your loved ones are sure to remember.


1) Add Fall Décor

One of the best parts about planning a fall picnic is including some festive fall décor. If you are planning to have this picnic at a park or local spot nearby, you likely won’t want to lug around real pumpkins, but feel free to find either mini pumpkins or plastic ones. You can also put together a stunning floral centerpiece with fall colors in browns, oranges, and greens to add to the festivities. A tablecloth in a fall color along with wood cutting boards to display food will be the ideal way to finish off your table.


2) Check the Weather

When you are beginning to plan your picnic, be sure to check the weather ahead of time. Although you can still hold your picnic with cooler temperatures, you will want to check ahead for chances of rain. This is an easy way for your beautiful picnic to be ruined.


3) Pack the Perfect Picnic

The best way for everyone to enjoy your picnic is to keep the food simple. If you prefer, you can even go to the local store and pick up pre-made sandwiches and a charcuterie board. However, you can also pack homemade food, but try to keep it limited to finger foods in order to make it easy for everyone to eat.


These are our top three tips to ensure that you have a fun and enjoyable fall picnic! We hope these help you plan a picnic that you and your favorite people will talk about for years to come.

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